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Link to our website and earn money!

Affiliates Earn 25% of all membership sales, including the initial sale and recurring sales! - That's right! are paid 25% as long as the person you referred remains a member of
Our affiliate program is administered by CCbill one of the largest and most trusted credit card processors on the web! CCBill pays out weekly in amounts as low as $25 - so you get paid quickly! The CCbill system is fast and reliable.
All stats are completely independent and verifiable by you and you alone! Compiled and monitored by CCbill, there is absolutely no skimming of traffic and you have complete access to your own stats provided by CCbill in your own account control panel.
No fees. You pay nothing to join!
Stop anytime you like by simply removing our link from your site
No special programming needed. Set up the link in minutes.

How does it work?

After you have joined our referral/affiliate program we begin tracking the visitors you send to our website. We do this by using cookies which is simply a tag that lets us know that the visitors are coming from you. If any one of those visitors buys our membership, while their cookie is valid, you get credit for the sale.

How do I join the referral affiliate program?

The Referral Program is provided by our payment processor CCBill. It's all done online and automatically. You just need to complete the sign-up form and place some HTML-code (and our banner or text link) on your website. It's absolutely FREE! You only need to do the following:

Simple Setup
* Step 1: Fill out the sign-up form and get your personal "Affiliate ID"
* Step 2: Get our banner and the HTML-code you need to link to us
* Step 3: Place the HTML-code on your homepage

I have joined the Referral Program. How do I check my stats or change my address?

You can view your stats, or change your profile, or get the HTML-code, or do anything else by logging into the
CCBill Online Administration Utility

If you have not yet signed up under a CCBill sponsored affiliate program you can

To load your current data, please enter your ID, username and password.

Current ID


Please Read!

Rules For Participation

  • Only LEGAL web sites may participate in this rev share program. Any type of child pornography or illegal web sites are prohibited from participating in the Panty Freek Referral Program.
  • DO NOT send SPAM or any form of unsolicited e-mail. We are a high quality private site and have ZERO TOLERANCE for SPAM.
  • You must read and agree to CCBill's Acceptable Use Policy.
    Please note that NO PARTNERSHIP is being created with CATNAT Productions, Inc. by this revenue sharing agreement.


  • The Panty Freek Referral Program pays out through CCbill, an independent company. CATNAT Productions, Inc. and its' representatives can not be held responsible for payments.
  • Responsibility to make payments is that of CCbill.
  • The referral program pays 25% of new sales by referring affiliates.
  • The referral program pays 25% of recurring sales by referring affiliates.
  • The CCbill referral system has an on-line and pdf file manual for your use. Visit if you wish to retrieve the manual.
  • As an affiliate of the Panty Freek Referral Program it is your responsibility to be sure links are correct so you may be properly credited.
  • CATNAT Productions, Inc. and its representatives have the right to suspend, cancel, or deny affiliates at any time for any reason and without notice.
  • By joining the referral program you agree to not hold CATNAT Productions, Inc.  or any of its representatives responsible for losses, problems, software glitches, technical problems, payouts, or any other problem resulting from your affiliation with the Panty Freek Referral Program.
  • All terms and payouts are subject to change at any time and without notice